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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

1/2 year best of list....

It always comes to December and i have great chance to write a good End-Of-Year list but i forget what came out during the year and what i bought? So I'm starting early with a first half of the year run down of the stuff thats been spinning on my stereo and making London's public transport bearable on my ipod.


The Beets - Spit In The Face (captured tracks)
Billy Childish - Archive From '59 (damaged goods)
Charlie & The Moonhearts - Thunderbeast (red handed)
DOOM - Born Lik eThis (lex)
Eat Skull - Wild & Inside (siltbreeze)
Eddy Current Suppresion Ring - Primary Colours (goner)
Finally Punk - Casual Goths (germs of youth)
Fresh & Onlys - S/T (castleface)
Ganglians - Monster Head Room (weird forest)
Grass Widow - s/t (makes a mess)
The Hospitals - Hairdryer Peace (self)
The Intelligence - Fake Surfers (in the red)
The Intelliegnce - Crepuscle With Pacman (born bad)
Jeff Mangum - Live @ Jittery Joe's (twin orange)
Marked Men - Ghosts (dirtnap)
Mi Ami -Watersports (touch & go)
Narrows - New Distances (deathwish)
Nodzzz - s/t (whats your rupture)
Obits - I Blame You (sub pop)
Pissed Jeans - King of Jeans (subpop)
Sex/Vid - Communal Living (dom america)
Strange Boys - And Girls Club (in the red)
Thee Oh Sees - Help (in the red)
Thee Oh Sees - Dog Poison (captured tracks)
Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death - Bird Songs (teardrops)
Ty Segall - Lemons (goner)
Vaselines - Enter The Vaselines (sub pop)
The Very Best - Warm Heart of Africa (moshi moshi)
Women - s/t (jagjaguwar)
Woods - Songs of Shame (woodsist)
V/A - Worlds Lousy With Ideas Vol 8 (almost ready)
V/A - Legends of Benin (Analog Africa)

E.P's, 7"s and Splits

The Bitters - East 7" (captured tracks)
The Bitters - Wooden Glove 12" E.P (captured tracks)
Brilliant Colours - 2 song 7" (captured tracks) & 4 song 7" (makes a mess)
Christmas Island - 19 / 29 7" (captured tracks)
Cold Pumas / Male Bonding split 7" (faux discx)
Cold Pumas - Jela 12"(hungry for power)
Cult Ritual - all 3 eps (youth attack/drugged conscience)
Dum Dum Girls - 12" ep (captured tracks)
Fucked Up - year of the Rat 12"(whats yr rupture)
Ganglians - 2 song 7" (captured tracks)
German Measles - Wild 12" E.P (captured tracks)
Graffiti Island - s/t 7" (house anxiety)
Grass Widow - 12" E.P(captured tracks)
Jacuzzi Boys - Ghost Ghost 7"
Male Bonding / Eat Skull split 7" (toughlove)
Not Cool - Wonderful Beasts 7"(sleep all day)
Real Estate - Fake Blues 7"(half machine)
Spectrals - 2 song 7" (captured tracks)
Ty Segall / Thee Oh Sees split 7" (castleface)
V/A GG Allin Tribute 7" w/ Fair Ohs, Graffiti Island, Male Bonding & Pens (IBB)
V/A Artfag Split 7" w/ Graffiti Island / Dum Dum Girls / Pens / Crocodiles split (artfag)
V/A PV! #04 7"w/ Graffiti Island / Male Bonding / Old Blood / Rapid youth (paradise vendors)
V/A Worlds Lousy With Ideas Vol #7 w/ Eddy Current Supression Ring / UV Races / Super Wild Horses / Straight Arrows 7"(almost ready)


An Emergency - Wrecked Angles (suplex)
Black Time - Greatest Hits (self)
Black Time - Eine Kleine Trashmusik (self)
Black Time - East Bay Rays (self)
Cheaters - Magic Weapons e.p (paradise vendors)
Explode Into Colour - The Sean Rocky Zach and Dekum Tape (self/krs)
German Measles - Demos (captured tracks)
Light Sleepers - 4 track e.p(suplex)
Male Bonding / Fair Ohs - Live in London (IBB)
Nodzzz - Live New Years Eve 12.31.08 (whats yr rupture / self)
Spectrals - 4 track e.p(suplex)
Teen Sheikhs - First 4 Months (suplex)
Traditional Fools - s/t (burger)
Watt Makes a Man Start a Band - v/a (shabeen scene)

The following Mississippi Records Tape Comps (all downloaded as out of print)

House of Broken Hearts 1 & 2 - MRC 1 + 2
We're Gonna Make It - MRC 03
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, But Nobody Wants To Die - MRC 04
Death Just Might Be Your Santa - MRC 06
Trust Your Child - MRC 07
Wrong Time To Be Right - MRC 08
Chaabi Music From Al-Maghrib - MRC 09
Way Up The Hill - MRC 10
Black Plastic Singing Flats - MRC 11
A Little Bit Of Hurt - MRC 12
Samba Trist - MRC 14
Afraid Of The Dark - MRC 16
Fables Of Fabulous - MRC 19
It Happened - MRC 33

Old Stuff & Reissues

Abner Jay - The True Story of Abner Jay (mississippi)
Daniel Owino Misiani& Shirati Band - Benga Blast (earthworks)
Dolly Mixture - Demonstration Tapes
Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Press Color
Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Mambo Nasua
Orchestre Poly Rythmo De Contonou - The Vodoun Effect (analog africa)
Paul Simon - Graceland (warner)
Shangri La's - Best Of
Spiritual Singers - Ntsamina (mississippi)
V/A - Tropicalia: A Revolution In Sound (soul jazz)
V/A - Back from The Graves Comps Vol 2-5 (crypt)
V/A - Love is Love (mississippi)
V/A - Thai Shadow Music (sublime frequencies)