Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Best Stacks .........

this is from 'Welcome to Hell' skate vid from Toy Machine. I posted up the Unsane video for 'scrape' that used some of this stuff, but i forgot how brutal this stack section is, absolutely unrelenting! Is this why i stopped skating??

LML Part Deux

Ian and Billy's theories on which Beatle was the best and why, too good.


if i'm right then this Bis video is filmed in Rough Trade West and that is Fat Bob from Hard Skin playing the evil major label/corporate 'man'!! Possibly the best music video ever!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008


When i was a kid we skipped the train from Reading to London to see the Melvins at the garage, with Iron Monkey supporting. During the end of the melvins set, Dale crover (in tour-tired pants)took the guitar and they asked for a drummer to come up. We threw our drummer on the stage, who was asked to keep a steady beat, until Dale and Mark D kicked in with the glorious riff that starts Sacrifice. Lucky for John, it was a staple of our grunge-tastic covers band, King Rib's, set (along with mudhoney/nirvana/melvins) and he slayed his way through this song. We proceeded to go backstage after the show and drink their booze and eat their crisps. defining highlight for the 17 year old me.

Shop Assistants

I Heart Mono .......................

This is how Christmas sounds to me, and although there are great Christmas records like the LOW christmas album and BILLY CHILDISH & THE MBE'S 'Christmas 1979', nothing will top this Phil Spector Classic. Plus my mum likes it more than Billy Shouting 'Merry Fuckin Christmas To You All' repeatedly over a dirty garage punk riff!


Merry Christmas Everyone xoxo

Friday, 19 December 2008

I'm a Women, I'm Your Wife

Here are some pictures from the first FAIR-OHS gig which was with the amazing Light Sleepers and Gitsome. Enjoy.













When i was growing up, we would spend hours 'round each others house smoking weed and watching skate videos before going out and hitting up the forbury park for some long sessions. the best of these video was always Toy Machines 'Welcome to Hell' which had the most brutal slam section in it, and with 'Jump Off Buildings' and Transworlds 'Feedback' (which had the best soundtrack) inspired a thousand missed nollie kick-flips.

This Unsane video used alot of the stacks from WELCOME TO HELL, but its not as good, track down the video to see the slow mo'd backslide boardslide to brutal face slide on pavement ending to the section, ripping!

Medway Wheelers

This makes me very happy, i could imagine the neighbours looking over the garden fence, wondering what these chaps in WW 1 uniforms were doing with their guitars in the garden on a nice Kent sunday.

End of an Era


So i finally finished all the seasons of Buffy, and there is now a sunnydale shaped hole in my life! What can follow in its place?


Buffy Comics of Season 8?



I hope Rick is proud of me!


Thee Fair Ohs / Pharoahs......


.... recorded our first batch of 8 songs last sunday with mr rory attwell in his studio on hoxton square in the fastest session i've ever done! All songs were laid done live to reel to reel tape in 1 take. We also got rory to do some group backing vox with us, good work!

Four of these tracks will be on a 7" early next year released by Andy & James on Sex Is Disgusting Records ( & who are also releasing some amazing 7"s for Human Hair, Graffiti Island, Mazes, Pens & Wavves.

We have also installed our own publicity machine ( for yr listening and audio pleasure, enjoy!!

Tropics Xmas Party 08

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2008 Best Of's

I normally do this to while away the time at work when i should be doing session plans and other stuff, so here are the records that made 2008 a better place for my ears to live in! Congratulations to everyone listed below!



Abe Vigoda - Skeleton (PPM)
Fucked Up - Chemistry Of Common Life (Matador)
Vivian Girls - S/T (In The Red)
No Age - Nouns (Sub Pop)
Graffiti Island/Male Bonding/Pens Split Cassette (Self Released)
An Emergency - Wrecked Angles (Faux Discx)
The Light Sleepers - We Are Gathering Dust (Faux Discx)
The NightMarchers - See You In Magic (Vagrant)
Gitsome - Cosmic Rock (1234 Go!)
Vampire Weekend - S/T (XL)
Torche - Meanderthal (Hydra Head)

7”s RELEASED IN 2008

Vivian Girls - I Can’t Stay (In The Red)
The NightMarchers - Whose Lady R U? + Tour 7” (Vagrant)
Narrows - S/T (Deathwish)
Sex/Vid - Nests (Doms America)
The Shitty Limits - Espionage (Dire)


Kinks - First 3 Lp’s, The Milkshakes - After School Session + In Germany, The Beatles - White Album, Pebbles Trash Box + Nuggets + High In The Mid 60’s + Back From The Grave Compilations, The Buff Medways - Medway Wheelers + 1914, 13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sound Of, Wipers - First 3 Lp’s, King Khan & Bar B Q Show - Whats For Dinner, Fleetwood Mac - Best Of, Wild Billy Childish & The MBE’s - Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall, Daniel A.I.U Higgs - Interdimensional Song Seamstress + Metampsychotic Melodies, Pissed Jeans - Hope For Men, Make Up - I Want Some, Weakling - Dead As Dreams, Velvet Cacoon - Genevieve, Drudkh - Blood In Our Wells, Thee Mighty Ceasers - Surely They Must Be The Sons Of God, Beat Happening - Jamboree + You Turn Me On, The Breeders - Pod, Agnostic Front - Victim In Pain, GG Allin - Always Was, Is And Will Be, Karp - S/T + Suplex, Murder City Devils - Broken Hearts And Empty Bottles, Replacements - Let It Be, Thee HeadCoats - Elementary Headcoats + Beach Bums Must Die.