Monday, 26 January 2009

Stealing Dan's Idea.........

...........of writing a little of what record he's currently listening to, he wrote about Black Eyes Lp on dischord, good choice Mr Reeves.
I've decided to write about an old band and a new band i'm enjoying right now!

Classic = Shudder To Think


Early Dischord band that not that many people seem to care about, which is a shame as they were the lost classic of early 90's indie rock. My preference is for
Ten Spot (dischord)
Funeral At The Movies (dischord)
Pony Express Record (epic)
I think the operatic voice of Craig Wedren may have put off some people, but it reall works, especially on Pony Express Record where the music became more noisey and off beat. If you're saving yr pennies, then get the tenspot/funeral at the movies Cd, plus it has an amazing Hendrix cover on.

Newie = Violent Minds


Awesome hardcore band, with a slew of records out. I am currently enjoying the 'Eyes of Death', 'Self titled' and 'We Are Nothing'records. Nice gruff vocals, awesome riffs with a mid paced feel, so you can remember the songs!there is even some killer solos on here! im sure everyone has compared the to Negative Approach, but hey, its kinda true, and its a massive compliment. plus they have awesome artwork, bordering on black metal, ticking all the boxes.

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