Tuesday, 24 February 2009

not even a one hit wonder # part 1

i spend a large amount of time listening to 60's garage punk / psych comps with bands that might have had one 45 out,played a few local dances and maybe (in the rare cases) released an album. I wish i was a teenager in the 60's in America when everything seemed possible and being in a band with matching outfits was the rad thing to do so you would cool whilst playing at the local sock hop.

Maybe we'll look back and remember playing every dive in East London and squashing into the old blue for free shows, but none of us have hot rods or garages for us to practice in which sucks.

Here are a few choice selections, some are quite well known and some are not, but they are all essential! This post is all Pebbles or Nuggets based stuff, i will do another one on other comps. such as Back From The Grave / High In The Mid 60's etc.

The Journeymen - 'She's Sorry'
no one has much info on this cut apart from they were from Tampa, Florida and this song kills me everytime. (sorry no vid)

The Litter - 'Action Women'
Raw midwest punk, awesome riffs which stick in my head forever.

The Floyd Dakel Combo - 'Dance Franny Dance'
I can't remember if this was played at Rockabilly Rebels in Hackney before but this is what i want to dance to on my saturday nights, classic texas rockin punk with hints of Eddy Fuller / Buddy Holley. This video is a reformed version of the backing band, its not great but its all you tube has to offer.

The Shadows of Knight - 'Gloria'
This was originally written, weirdly enough by Van Morrison and was made famous by Them, but i prefer this Chicago bands version. Also check their other single 'Oh Yeah' which was a stormer of '66 with an awesome R N B feel.

The Stoics - 'Hate'
Snotty vocals make this as does the backstory for this gem, going that this band from San Antonio, Texas were favourites of local mexican gang called 'Capinch' whose leader Jay Ketira is credited as author of this song although his only band contribution was to pack out their gigs and make sure they one every battle of the band competition they entered!

The Little Boy Blues - 'I Can Only Give You Everything'
So Beck stole this guitar line for Devils haircut and we (Thee Fair Ohs) stole it for our song 'Hospitals', as Dan Reeves once said, "riffs are riffs, cabs are cabs". I don't get the second part, but that riff is so good it needed stealing again.

The Choir - 'Its Cold Outside'
Complete British Invasion love here, with this Cleveland band apparently starting their career covering b-sides of The Beatles/Kinks etc and previously going under the name 'The Mods', but still this songs is not from the Mersey but is good enough to be.

The Thirteenth Floor Elevators - 'You're Gonna Miss Me'
I swear everyone has probably heard this song without realising, but its so good and they even released a few albums, with the first 2 being insanely good, get the re-issued mono version of the debut album on vinyl, its great.

The Standells - 'Dirty Water'
This band gave garage punk one of its best riffs, the boston red sox its signature song, the london club its name and Minor Threat a great song to cover (good guys dont wear white), nuff said.

The Castaways - 'Liar Liar'
Hands down, one of my all time fav's. Again, like the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, alot of people don't realise they know this, but it got revived in that Lock Stock film by Madonnas ex dude who has been remaking the same film for the past decade unsuccesfully. Still this song is beyond good, and written by 18 year kids, fuck!

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