Friday, 19 December 2008

2008 Best Of's

I normally do this to while away the time at work when i should be doing session plans and other stuff, so here are the records that made 2008 a better place for my ears to live in! Congratulations to everyone listed below!



Abe Vigoda - Skeleton (PPM)
Fucked Up - Chemistry Of Common Life (Matador)
Vivian Girls - S/T (In The Red)
No Age - Nouns (Sub Pop)
Graffiti Island/Male Bonding/Pens Split Cassette (Self Released)
An Emergency - Wrecked Angles (Faux Discx)
The Light Sleepers - We Are Gathering Dust (Faux Discx)
The NightMarchers - See You In Magic (Vagrant)
Gitsome - Cosmic Rock (1234 Go!)
Vampire Weekend - S/T (XL)
Torche - Meanderthal (Hydra Head)

7”s RELEASED IN 2008

Vivian Girls - I Can’t Stay (In The Red)
The NightMarchers - Whose Lady R U? + Tour 7” (Vagrant)
Narrows - S/T (Deathwish)
Sex/Vid - Nests (Doms America)
The Shitty Limits - Espionage (Dire)


Kinks - First 3 Lp’s, The Milkshakes - After School Session + In Germany, The Beatles - White Album, Pebbles Trash Box + Nuggets + High In The Mid 60’s + Back From The Grave Compilations, The Buff Medways - Medway Wheelers + 1914, 13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sound Of, Wipers - First 3 Lp’s, King Khan & Bar B Q Show - Whats For Dinner, Fleetwood Mac - Best Of, Wild Billy Childish & The MBE’s - Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall, Daniel A.I.U Higgs - Interdimensional Song Seamstress + Metampsychotic Melodies, Pissed Jeans - Hope For Men, Make Up - I Want Some, Weakling - Dead As Dreams, Velvet Cacoon - Genevieve, Drudkh - Blood In Our Wells, Thee Mighty Ceasers - Surely They Must Be The Sons Of God, Beat Happening - Jamboree + You Turn Me On, The Breeders - Pod, Agnostic Front - Victim In Pain, GG Allin - Always Was, Is And Will Be, Karp - S/T + Suplex, Murder City Devils - Broken Hearts And Empty Bottles, Replacements - Let It Be, Thee HeadCoats - Elementary Headcoats + Beach Bums Must Die.

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