Tuesday, 23 December 2008


When i was a kid we skipped the train from Reading to London to see the Melvins at the garage, with Iron Monkey supporting. During the end of the melvins set, Dale crover (in tour-tired pants)took the guitar and they asked for a drummer to come up. We threw our drummer on the stage, who was asked to keep a steady beat, until Dale and Mark D kicked in with the glorious riff that starts Sacrifice. Lucky for John, it was a staple of our grunge-tastic covers band, King Rib's, set (along with mudhoney/nirvana/melvins) and he slayed his way through this song. We proceeded to go backstage after the show and drink their booze and eat their crisps. defining highlight for the 17 year old me.

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robin silas said...

you didn't tell me this story! i love this story! x x