Thursday, 6 September 2007

Putting a Dog in a Tub (boo ya)

So after trying to sponge cigarettes off me 2 or 3 times in about an hour, all met with the same answer (NO), this old dude tells me his theory that Henry Rollins and Black Flag were the Hardcore equivalent of Screwdriver and that they are responsible for a noticeable increase in fascist and racist behaviour left behind in their touring trail!!??
Considering the conversation started with 'Don't you think that Henry fuckin rollins is a fuckin' sell out?' met by again the answer he'd been getting all night from most people (NO), i called him out and told him to recite lyrics that incite racial or fascist tendencies in the audience ala Screwdriver. He said that was beside the point and i should tell him my favourite lyrics, in which he picked 'Drinking & Driving' as a perfect example of the Black Flag hate machine (his words). At least he could have picked something more controversial like 'White Minority'!!!!!
His reasoning was at 26, i was too young to comprehend their REAL influence and meanings, and then he asked for another cigarette and carried on trying to sing 'Drinking & Driving' but got it wrong. I hope im never that dude. Screwdriver? Before he started on his theories of life in general i made a run for the bar, and saw him harass a new group of kids who didn't know who Henry Rollins was, lucky ones.

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